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DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller

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Yeah, and there are a few flavors of these things around too.  I'm getting reasonable step rates (ie >50KHz) out of mine. It'd be good to see one with an Ethernet interface. Our laser cutter controller at work has one and it's quite convenient to be able to just push a file onto it..


That's exactly what I was thinking too. I've been thinking of having a Raspberry Pi permanently hooked to the USB Port to network the device. I don't know if it will see the Pi as a storage device or not.

Here's the 91 page manual:

John Stevenson:
Been looking at these as a cheap alternative to old PC's and license fees.
Just had a quick look at the manual and it's very clear except how to get the 0 - 10v out for speed control ?

Can anyone compare this unit with this one. ?,searchweb201602_5_10057_10056_10055_10049_10017_405_404_10059_10058_10040_10060,searchweb201603_6&btsid=00101d51-e9e1-4749-bea1-9cb7ad4661ea

I am days away from pulling the plug of a more expensive 2 axis lathe controller.,searchweb201602_5_10057_10056_10055_10049_10017_405_404_10059_10058_10040_10060,searchweb201603_6&btsid=35fcd8ff-c46d-4fa4-aee5-15273fe238ba

The unit Joules has won't do threading, this one will plus it does face threads, tapered threads, multi-start threads and run a tool changer.

At 425 odd pounds it's less than a decent PC, monitor, windows license, Mach 4 license and an external controller.

Main thing is it works as is and isn't a work in progress by 3 different companies who won't talk to one another.

If I am reading the TC55H advertisement right, it seems to suggest that the maximum number of lines of code it can handle are 1000. The DDCS doesn't seem to be limited in this regard.

The DDCS seems to have an ARM9 processor for device control and a separate FPGA chip to feed the G code to the machine. Most of the other flavours of these control boxes don't seem do it that way.


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