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DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller

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Do you mean end use, or how to install on existing equipment ?

For me, I am replacing a bad controller and LinuxCNC PC with the above for a CNC router, if that works out for me I will be looking at doing a manual mill conversion to CNC  for use in the workshop.  I am no expert at this and learning like most others here.

I mean how do you input stuff into the device to get it to do the stuff you want it to do. Do you load files into it by sd card or is all the inputting done on the buttons?

Got you....   Input is via a USB flash drive (memory stick, second picture) you generate g-code in a 3rd party application, or even write it in a text application.  Look at the display picture and you can see the second screen option on the bottom is File Page, this is where you select your job from.  Not sure if you can modify the g-code on the device from the front panel like you can on the other controller.  You have manual control from the front for jogging the machine to position and home/zero, switching the spindle on and off if it's controlled from the controller.  Thats about the depth of my understanding for now.

Just asking...what is the benefit of this over a pic with Mach3 or Linux cnc? (If my understanding is correct, that is what it is replacing)

No PC involved for machine control.
No need for sourcing obsolete PCs and testing for latency(if you don't have any lying around).
No breakout boards or adapters.
You can do all the CAD and CAM work in a comfortable place and transfer it to the machine on a USB stick.
Much cheaper than a Mach 3 licence plus all the necessary hardware.


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