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DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller

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Look what turned up this morning, it wasn't expected for a couple more weeks at least.

It's just been unboxed, not powered up and checked over yet.

In the mean time I had bought...

The BBC micro:bit and dual DC motor controller to have a go mocking up a smart power feed for the mill.  I haven't programmed seriously since my early 20's, and that was 6502 assembler code.  I watched a few videos of kids programming these things and got utterly frustrated with "OLD GUY" syndrome not even being able to make the development kit work via bluetooth   :palm:   Programmer I am not, but I do have a task and target in mind so it shouldn't be that hard   :scratch:  Kid's can do it.

John Rudd:
Looks interesting....I luv new bits of hardware kit... :)
I'm not a programmer either....
but I managed to get a bluetooth transceiver to work with my Lenovo Android....

Its for Yuri's dro project when I get round to making a pcb for the hardware :Doh:

Watching with interest to see how this developes....( no pun intended....)

Here are some pictures of the inside of mine. I still haven't powered it up yet. Just had a peek inside even though I didn't really understand what I was looking at. The build quality of the board is excellent. I'll let the knowledgeable people comment on the choice of components.

It's alive....

My cheap 24v PSU works as well, I've had it a while but never powered it up.  I did check the voltage out before hooking up just so there were no nasty surprises.

I like the display, for a lathe or mill where it's in your face the display is fine.  On a large router it's finding somewhere for it to live, where it isn't going to get knocked loading the machine, but easy reach for viewing and button pushing.   Hmmmm, pendant is on my wish list.   For the price, I hope to be very impressed once I get it cutting.

LOL nrml, I pulled mine apart as a speck of dust was between the LCD screen and the front plastic screen, but wasn't going to own up to pulling it apart yet.  I also removed the bleeper tag as my hearing isn't what it used to be.  I can hear it now   :headbang: 

Would you run us through the basics of how you would utilise this piece of kit please? I can see/read up on what it is, but how is it used?


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