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DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller

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So, does this thing replace just the PC portion of a CNC setup? Or does it come with the motor drivers too?


It replaces two elements of the system:
The PC (and machine control software)
The isolation between the machine controller and the drives.

You really want your motor drives to be separate from the machine controller for any, non trivial, cnc build.


--- Quote from: Pete. on July 23, 2016, 09:14:51 AM ---I mean how do you input stuff into the device to get it to do the stuff you want it to do. Do you load files into it by sd card or is all the inputting done on the buttons?

--- End quote ---

With one of these,11387.msg135880.html#msg135880 of course!  :mmr:


OK, second look at this unit, I deciphered the 0-10v spindle out, not got round to hooking up a stepper or two yet.  I am however puzzled by the display showing two sets of co-ordinates, this doesn't seem to be covered in the manual.  I suppose one is absolute and the other relative ???  or something like.

Changing from metric to imperial doesn't seem to be an option.  It's metric only ???  I also found a rounding anomaly in the 0.01 count increments, it stepped by .009 the first and third manual increment.  The tool path display is a nice touch, lots more playing before any serious work can be done though.   Fair points raised by John, but tapping by CNC is miles down my list of requirements.  Mostly 2D profile cutting at differing Z settings than full blown 2.5D work.

p.s   My lack of knowledge on G54 offsets ???    The button beeps got tiresome quick, fortunately a single setting turns it off.  LOL

G54 work offset showing as asserted (it's modal), so perhaps your two set of co-ordinates are work and machine ?


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