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Jere, Bernd

When I was selecting which clock I wish to make, or at least slowly start, it was down to John Wildings - The Construction of an Elegant Scroll Frame Skeleton Clock and Colin Thornes - Skeleton Timepiece. I decided upon Thornes's as it does not have a strike as Wildings does, therefore presumed it would be a little easier or at least have fewer complications to the build.

Bernd - is it not John Wildings skeleton that is in home shop machinest or perhaps it may have been model engineer? I thought most of Wildings books were actually based on magasine articles rather than specifically for books. I could be totally wrong.

The disadvantage of Thornes skeleton clock is that it is plans only with no documentation of a possible build. I have recently purchased Thorne's "Clockmaking for the Model Engineer" which in my opinion, goes through all the methods of making parts for a simple clock. I purchased Wilding's book on his Gearless Clock many years ago and it seemed overly specific to a build on the Myford 7.

Bernd - I would like to see more pics of that clock as I really do like it and I could possible get some ideas for mine for the asthetics.


Wilding's books, at least the ones I have, appear to be the compilations of the articles that were published in magazines.

Krown Kustoms:
Bernd, you and your wife have a nice collection.
I hope this is not too far off topic, but this has been on my to do list for some time and would look nice sitting next to your skeleton clock.


Your more than welcome to build it and send it to the wife to set next to her clock.  :lol: I'm sure she would appreciate it.

And it's right on topic. Thanks for posting that link. I'm going to download the article.



If you follow the link I gave to Bill Smith's web site you'll see the following

"How to Make a Skeleton Wall Clock" is comprised of twelve chapters which originally appeared in serial form in the "Home Shop Machinist" from Nov.1993 through Oct. 1995. There are 85 pages of text, and 280 photos and drawings."

So yes he did do a write up and now has it in book form.

Pictures of the Dent will be posted in the next day or so.



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