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Chris, Are you are missing one of de Carle's books? He compiled a book, "Watch & Clock Encyclopedia" which came out in 1950.  I believe it predates Practical Clock Repair by a couple of years. I have a copy of the 1975 reprint of it.
My copy of PCR is a 9th reprint of the second edition which was dated 1968.

Yup - never got Watch and Clock Encylopedia, I never came across it at a decent price but I have got another of his not mentioned, "Complicated Watch Repair". I have read the first few pages and that is enough for me .... think it could be sitting on the shelf for a while longer before I have a need to read it.


My favorate watchmaking book is Watchmaking by George Daniels. I consider him the finest modern watchmaker seeing as how he invented the coaxial escapement. Anyway, the book is expensive, but a pleasure to read.


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