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Here ya go Chris. More pics.

Hope you like 'em.


Hi Bernd
Thanks for the extra pics it has given me some ideas. I really like that - how long have you had this clock?


Without studying the concept, call me lazy if you like but I'm studying and researching so many other things at the mo. How does a time device keep accurate time.

I assume a spring is the motor, but how is it regulated?

The power can be either a spring or simply a hanging weight. In a mechanical clock, the escapement and pendulum keep the "time". Hugely simplyfying, the escape wheel is a wheel with teeth cut differently to the norm, there is normally a pallet which inteferes with the teeth on the escapement. The pallet is attached to the pendulum which allows the wheel to be released one tooth at a time - tick and tock! the image below is a recoil escapement but you can get deadbeats, in which you do not see the recoil.

there are various ways of regulating the escapement to complicate things! This is a grasshopper:

It is the pendulum that is regulating it or a balance in the case of watches and some clocks:


Thanks Chris,

I suppose it's the energy of the falling weight that keeps the pendulums momentum from coming to a halt.

But what regulates each release of movement  (time wise) :scratch:


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