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Looking for some advice here, I had planned to use rod ends to allow the freedom of movement with just one on the back and 2 on each of the front corners but now I am thinking that will allow too much freedom as there will be nothing stopping the bed from moving side to side pivotted on the single rear rod end.
Edit: Never mind I have solved it, it just so happens that the bracket is held on by two M5 bolts which is the same thread as the rod ends so I dont even need to modify anything.

So here we have my solution to the problem, this will allow the bed the freedom to move but keep the centre lined up.

Having a bit of a nightmare with everything in the workshop this week not just the printer, to start with I printed the front bed mounts totally wrong so having to reprint them now.

So I thought while I am waiting for the first one to print I will get on with a fette rollling head I have to fix for wifes work. This one has been bodged previous to me getting it and I got so fixated on A)the fact that whoever had reassembled it had got the cams totally wrong one being two teeth out of sync and the other seven teeth out and B)someone had made some new parts totally wrong so the parts where not mating together properly That I forgot to check the most common reason for a rolling head to be running rough. Got to the bit where I remove the cams to place them in correct position and noticed that they where worn to buggery  :Doh:

So now I have the situation where I have said a rolling head that should already be in the scrap bin can be fixed. Lucky for me that my wife has just been promoted to manager  :) and thinks she can get some reasonable replacements for me.

Thats not the end of it though I knocked out the bodged parts ready to put new ones in and they have given me the wrong replacements or at least I hope they have and part of the bodge wasn't opening up the holes to fit the bodge. :bang:

Better day today, making progress  :D

Started to work out the panels which will be cheap plywood until I get them finished at which point I will replace them with some clear plastic.
The sides will be made of one fixed panel which will serve triple duties of keeping heat in, securing the front Z axis and also keeping the frame square while the rear will be a hinged door in case I need to get in from the side for any reason.


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