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Belt adjusters are fitted but the picture makes the print look far worse than it is to my eyes so will probably reprint that in the future. Picture also showed me one of the inserts wasn't in straight so I have sorted that.
Anyway its the same both sides so I will have ample adjustment for the belts.

It is a functional and fully functioning part so no need to re-print; it will work fine for the intended purpose. Just move on to the next part  :thumbup:

Did the corners lift from the build surface during print cause that's what it looks like? If my parts are big or very small or tall and narrow then I take all the help I can get and use an adhesive on the print surface. It also helps to lessen the frustration at the beginning when the 3D printer is not set up perfectly yet (print head temperature, print surface temperature and initial layer distance from print surface) or when first starting with new or harder materials. I had a bit of a "learning experience" when first starting with PETG after having used PLA before. My frustrations went away with starting to use an adhesive and slightly increasing the bed temperature.

My 3D printer is the Anycubic I3 Mega with the Ultrabase print surface. Decent quality budget printer in my opinion. The adhesive I use - and the only one that i have experience with - is Magigoo (the original multi-material one).

Jari (following your project with interest)

I fully intend to leave it as it is for now but will improve it sometime in th... lets face it once its working I'll probably never get around to it  :lol:
For now however I have turned my mind to control. I had every intention of getting a 3 stepper expansion board for it but they are proving harder to come by than I thought unless I want to order it from China (which I'm not too sure about at the moment) so during my search I came upon software called Klipper which runs on a raspberry pi and can run two boards at once so I am thinking of using my ramps board to control the 3 Z axis screws and the SKR2 to run everything else.

I'd be interested to know how you get on with klipper. I may have to use it to control my segmented bed , marlin doesn't support external temperature controllers.


Shipto, I just want tyou to know I'm reading this thread when you post. I just don't have anything to contribute on this particular subject. But it is of interest, and you do have silent followers, who, in my case at least, will let you know once in awhile!  :coffee:  :beer:


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