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On hold and in the way unfortunatly. Just had so many other things to do, most of it due to doing the die heads for my wifes work (definatly got to pay extra tax this year  :palm:) I have collected various other parts for it but not enough progress to report just yet.

As I have had a bit of spare time recently I have started to do a bit more on this project, I had to find the thread to see how far I had taken it and realised that I had not even kept up to date with the thread. So there is a big chunk missing from this.
First pic is where I am currently at:
The latest part I have designed is the blue "Y" axis bit which will include the adjustment to tension the belts (pic2) I notice theres a bit of distortion in it but it looks far worse on the picture than it really is. I am trying to decide if I should 3d print the adjusters or make them from aluminium at the moment they are quite simple and will just have a pin to fold the belt around and a M3 adjuster screw.

I had a bit of a rethink mainly due to the front doors, they were going to be a bit difficult so I made some new front struts out of some angle. This has the added bonus that I can make the sides open easily too so that will help if I need to do any maintenance on it.
I also decided to take the idling bearing off plastic mounts and they will now be attached to the aluminium. The motors too will now be mounted to the back board rather than on the first printed mounts, still need to cut out the openings for the belts to come through but this cuts out a couple of bearings.

I have made a bit of progress despite my kids seeming to think that dad can do without that free time nonsense  :lol:
I printed new mounts for the X/Y steppers and mounted them and have slight redesigned the belt ends/adjusters, still need to drill and tap the adjusters for some M3 bolts but I might wait until my friend comes back for that his Hobbymat is much better suited for such small stuff than my Harrison is.

So there I was happily designing and printing stuff to build the printer with the intention of using the ramps board I have had for ages, when I got a message from a mate "I saw your making a printer, I have a BTT SKR2 board with the touch screen and TMC2208 drivers. Are you interested"  :doh: Its only the board I had in mind for future upgrade. So after berating him for costing me more money I took it off him  :lol:.

Now however I have decided to skip straight to another future upgrade I had in mind and make the printer with triple Z screws and self levelling which of course means I need to order an expansion board to allow 3 independant Z screws. The back centre screw is worked out and in place.


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