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Correcting images no longer visible in some threads (Chrome browser problem)

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Works for me.

There may have been an expired security certificate for the host of the photos not showing. I'm going to guess that it has since been renewed. All of the posts except the one in reply #2 are http links to one server, while the posts in #2 one is an https link on a different server. (I had the same problem with my own photos yesterday when my security cert expired, until I renewed it. Modern browsers no longer accept plain http links -- they want working https or nothing. Irritating)

Anyway sorry about the digression. Sorveltaja continuing to be terribly impressed with your search for personal guitar feel perfection. Though I don't play guitar, it's just fun to watch you work through all these combinations.  :bow: :beer:

Nope, still no pictures :(

Still seeing them, Andrew can you directly access in your browser:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
I've looked at the page source code. There are no hyperlinks to any images other than that first one in post No.2. There's definitely something awry.

Steve yes your link gives me a picture - all very odd  :scratch:


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