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Correcting images no longer visible in some threads (Chrome browser problem)

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Andrew, see if you can see an image link in one of the pages' source code. They're just not there when I look. The one in post 2 is an https: link. I'm wondering if there's a setting in my browser that prevents access, or even displaying of, http: links and just allows https: links.

Well I can't see pictures either.  I assumed it was a problem here but it seems it may not be.  I was going to investigate when I had a chance.

Interestingly if I view the source all the picture links are there but don't show in the page.  If I copy the source to Notepad and save as an html file then I can open that and all the pictures are visible.  That makes me suspect the
--- Code: ---class="bbc_img"
--- End code ---
part of the image link.

The other question that springs to mind as some can see it and others can't is what browser you are using.  I am using Chrome.


Chrome here too.
I'm using Chrome as well. As stated, I can't even see the links.


FireFox here and all is well.


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