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Correcting images no longer visible in some threads (Chrome browser problem)

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--- Quote from: RussellT on November 24, 2020, 11:56:46 AM ---Thanks Steve.

To fix it, go to Settings, Privacy and Security, Site Settings, Insecure Content.

Expand the Insecure content section and click Add on the "Allow" section.  Type and then Add.  That should fix it.


--- End quote ---

Russell - I went about it via a different route. I clicked on "Not Secure" in the address bar to the left of

This brings up a window. Click on "Settings".

Scroll down to "Insecure Content" and change the setting to "Allow".

This gives permission to allow insecure content just for

It's fixed the images in Chrome on my Windows 10 laptop.

Edge shows images on both my laptop and Android tablet.

I've yet to find how to fix Chrome on my tablet. If anyone has a fix I'd appreciate them sharing it.

Edit: Just found this:


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