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Correcting images no longer visible in some threads (Chrome browser problem)

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Chromium shows pictures fine for me, but Google Chrome on laptop does not? Perhaps I have some differences in the settings, but I haven't noticed any other hiccups (both on Ubuntu)

The link I gave is to one of the "source code" page images seadog. They are all present.

Yes, Google for some reason has decided for you all using current Chrome browsers, that you can't view plain http addressed images through this site any more. Chromium developers have not made that decision for you, and Mozilla developers give you a popup note choice to view so-called "insecure content", although with an initial dire warning. "This looks bad". If you give permission, it will store the site as an security exception, and won't bother you any more.

Actually, https websites can be just as bad actors as http websites. All you need is a temporary certificate issued by a free authority to add https to your page, and all they require for verification is that you prove you can serve up a specific verification file. Not what you serve on the page itself. Could be anything.

FYI I see all images on all of this thread's pages. I use a Mozilla browser. All photos are present, and the links are properly there in all of the posts, if I momentarily go into edit mode to view them. They are all http links, except the one in reply #2, which is https, and presumably visible to you all.


See if you can change the actual address of this whole page to http ifrom https from you browsers address bar. Does that stick when you refresh the page, and can you then see the one image on this page? Please report yes or no, and what browser you are using....
Hi Steve, that does the trick, but obviously it only holds true for that page. I'll have to have a nose around to see if I can find a setting in Chrome.

Thanks Steve.

To fix it, go to Settings, Privacy and Security, Site Settings, Insecure Content.

Expand the Insecure content section and click Add on the "Allow" section.  Type and then Add.  That should fix it.

Well done that man   :thumbup:  :beer::beer:  :ddb:


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