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Well, the start of it anyway.  My second controller and first pendant got delivered this morning.

Quite impressed by the pendant, was expecting something rather plastic for the money.  It is plastic cased but with brass inserts for the screws, no self tappers.  It is quite hefty and a solid feel in the hand, the rotary dial has a good feel to it, consistent movement and indents, no tight spots or play in rotation.  I did tweak the selector switches as the plastic knob just kissed the switch body below, but really only undo and refasten the grub screws, now the switches feel fine no dragging between moves.  The magnets in the back of the pendant are adequate to hold it in place but it doesn't take much to remove from a steel plate.  Not sure I would entirely trust the magnets to hold it in place, so I will probably end up with a hanging hook someplace.

The controller fired up straight away with the same firmware version as my previous unit, so no surprises in its operation.  The controller pulling about 100ma @ 24vdc

Still to get on my shopping list is another PSU and the stepper motors, probably the NEMA 23 3.1nm jobs.  Further progress will now wait till the mill arrives in kit form   :thumbup:

Hi Joules,

Can I have some more info on the pendant please?

Is it a separate driver controller or does it integrate with the DDCSV1?

Can you post a link to it please?

Still learning and waiting for my controller


Here you go Will

It wires straight into the back of the DDCSV, though I will use a 25w D connector for through the case connection, and transfer to other machines.  The extra pins on the D can also support the tool probe sensor  2.5mm mono audio jack built into the D connector shell.

Thanks Joules, do you have a wiring diagram for this pendant?

Just got a reply fromn ParcelMotel* that a package has arrived in the Dublin depot. Afaik it should be my little controller!!

*Note to all non Irish about ParcelMotel:

This is a service provided by a courier company (Nightline).

They have set up computerised lockers at Petrol Stations around the Republic of Ireleand ( I think they are in NI as well, not sure about UK or the rest of the world)

When a parcel arrives in the locker nearest to you you get a text message and a pin to unlock the locker. You walk up, pop in your mobile number and then the pin and then the locker opens - so you get your parcel.

This costs just under 4 per parcel.

So what is the advantage(s)?

There are several:

Biggest is that they have a NI address (just add yout membership number) so UK companys that offer free post within UK send then to Belfast for free!
Others charge a LOT less to post to NI as opposed to posting to the Republic - Like 5 fold  :bugeye:

Some UK companys will NOT post to Ireland period  :Doh:

You have 48 hours to collect your parcel (suits people who work)

Stuff is not delivered to an apartment complex and subsequently stollen.

If it won't fit in the locker (like a Bike) then you collect from their Depots (for an extra charge)

And the Biggest Advantage:

SWMBOB never knows that you have just recieved yet another 'Golden Must Have Widget'!
Just say "I'm off to fill up the car with petrol darling"

It really is a GREAT service

This is on that page link above, but no harm posting it here as well.


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