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A loader for the Ford 850 from bits and pieces

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So I decided to grind them flush, and then use a die grinder to remove the old bushing.

Turned out I didn't need the grinder to get the old bushings out -- the welds hadn't penetrated the tube arms, so I was able to knock the bushings out with a punch and chisel:

This turned out to be a lot easier than I'd thought (so far!)

I cleaned the inside of the bore to 1-7/16" with a die grinder -- it was just a bit undersized to start -- oval -- probably from work loads.

Lester, my local OldeTyme machine shop supplier couldn't find any 1-7/16" OD x 1" ID DOM tubing -- I wasn't surprised, but he seemed to think it was a possibility so we searched through ancient piles of cutoffs strewn amongst the old mchnes for 10 minutes before giving up.

Instead I bought a couple of chunks of cold rolled to make bushings from. They were a tight fit in the 3" arm pipes:


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