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naffsharpe (Nathan):
Yesterday having seen the Doc for more painkillers I decided to trim the roof edge, job done but feeling a bit carp now. Today decided not to take the Codiene based painkillers and to rely on Iboprophene. Managed to fit facias and guttering to workshop in bright almost summer type weather(at least what passes for summer in N Wales), very happy !. Mistake number 1, decided to have an alcoholic drink as its been over a week since the last one. Mistake number 2, had another. Mistake number 3, had another. Must still have some Codiene in my blood stream because I now feel FANTASTIC (tired and emotional !!), and will soon be heading for bed , if I can find it !! Who said that opiates and alcohol don't mix ? Might leave the concrete work and block laying until next week though.

Yeah - been there: first drink makes you feel like a new man. And then the new man feels like a drink ...



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