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naffsharpe (Nathan):
Thanks Eric, but I try not to!

Volterol and red whine generally sorts me  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
What team are you on Nathan
I have been with COMRU (cave and mine rescue) for a good few years

naffsharpe (Nathan):
Hi John,
            I was OVMRO but now retired. I  live in the Bethesda area so keep in touch with the team and have many good mates who have also survived team membership !! Perhaps we have some friends in common?

Nathan -- Years ago I decided that getting old was indicated by aspirin becoming your drug of choice...

Hard luck, Nathan. I hope the aches and pains soon pass.

I've had a hot wet foot from filling up a coffee mug on the side of a tray which was jutting out over the table edge, but have so far managed to avoid usng myself as he weight which tips the scales.



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