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G.Day Each,
I am in the throws of turning a .25 Barrel to fit the Webley Service Air Rifle,due to the fact that there was not one with it when purchased in 1960.
It only came with two Barrels,a .22 and a .177.
The Gun Dealer from whom i purchased it explained to me at the time that .25 Barrels were very scarce due to the current Firearms Law that states 'Air Wepons over .23 in Caliber have to be Registered as a Firearm' so as most of the Webley Service Ar Rifles that were used by the Forces in the Empire for training purposes, were brought back to England by various personnel who then threw away the .25 Barrel as they did not want the trouble of obtaining a Firearm Certificate and the fact that you did not need a permit for an AIr Rifle up to .22 Cal.
Although funny enough you did not require a permit to purchase .25 Pellets.
Back to the Barrel.
I was given  a .25 Barrel by  good friend of mine.
It originally was a Stevens Barrel from  a single shot Rolling Block Rifle.
Mind you the bore is not worth writing home about,very cruddy at the moment.
I have managed to turn the outer dia.down to .6" which is required to be level Dia for the first 10'' from the breach face, in order to locate the Barrel in the securing arrangement.
Then I have to set it up to turn a slight taper down to the Muzzle.
The overall length will be shorter by 2" compared to the two other Barrels but then the there is a difference of 1/8' between the original two.
Will get some photo's done for the future.

Looking forward to some pictures
I love old air rifles


As John says........  :worthless:

It would be nice to see all three barrels. Also the action & stock.  :poke:

Pleese!  :thumbup:

David D

G.Day Each,
Sorry for the delay in providing a few Pictures but i have had a problem with the Lathe that needed sorting out first.
All is now well so should be in the illustration business soon.

Well here's the pictures i promised.
The first is the Rifle complete with a .22 Barrel.
Because the Piston go's to the rear (in a similar fashion to the Webley Air Pistol) it makes the overall length of the Rifle much shorter.
The 2nd picture shows the Rifle with the 2 Barrels that i had originally plus the .25 Barrel which is in the making.
The 3rd 4th and 5th pictures speak for them selves.
You may notice a strange item about 2" in the front of the Bolt Locking Collar.
This is a safety arrangement that stops the Piston from operating until the Barrel is locked in position and ready to fire.
You will also note a Safety Catch to the rear of the Trigger.
The use of Piston Rings instead of the usual Leather Washer is i believe most unusual.
You have to lubricate it with mineral Oil which sometimes causes a Diesel effect giving a Blue Smoke to expel after a shot.


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