Author Topic: E-Book Electro-plating By Paul Nooncree Hasluck  (Read 7064 times)

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E-Book Electro-plating By Paul Nooncree Hasluck
« on: August 21, 2011, 07:12:44 AM »
Electro-plating  By Paul Nooncree Hasluck

Here is another great one, Mr Hasluck books were the books on industrial and shop subjects of the day.
It is from Google books downloadable.
Now for the disclaimers, this information is from a much simpler time also much less regulation, either in obtaining the chemicals or disposing of the hazardous waste generated. 
Also Be sure to use all the proper personal  safety equipment, and the proper ventilation. Don't forget to keep pets and children safe.
If you aren't use or comfortable using chemicals, seek help or have it down a professional plater !

He clears up the reasons why you plate copper over the articles before nickle, chrome, silver, or gilt plating. It seems the copper will fill in small pits,cracks and other surface imperfections and stop the pits and cracks.  Were the other plating will not.
It is another great one.
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