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Ive built myself a Vacuum Chamber that can be heated too, from a simple pressure cooker pan.  Proper bell jars are too costly for me.

The fittings are removed from the top of the cooking pan and replaced with a vacuum gauge and a cooking thermometer, when the items are placed inside the pan I vacuum out the air to remove air bubbles from the final product, then I stick the pan on the cooker and slowly heat it to the temperature i want 40 to 80c.  Im sure the lack of air inside the pan will restrict the heat from travelling so well, but what heat the product gets from conduction will help the curring process.

In reverse this device could also be used as a small autoclave, if the items were vacuum bagged first then placed in the pan, it could be pressurized and heated.

usn ret:
Ant, the pictures did not come out!   :worthless: Pics please  :(
Cliff :beer:


This intrigues me. I occasionally have dreams of making HV coils but... to get 'em to be reliable, they need to be vacuum impregnated with epoxy or lacquer. I have a vacuum pump of unknown provenance, no idea if it works, so ...

If I may ask, what do you make that requires the Vacuum Chamber.

How do you get the vacuum, and to what pressure (depression? )

Cliff is right, I see no pics. either ...   :(

Dave BC

Cliff and Dave,

Here's something that might get you going in the right direction on making your own. It's from my web site. Vacuum Chamber
I have another version with a smaller vacuum pump (refer motor) in the works, but like all good projects it's on the "round-tuit" list.  :)

I'm sure if you got questions I'll hear from you guys.


OK Cliff, you asked for a photo of a pan and here it is.  Taddaahhhh!!!

Bluechip - See that little blue thingy on the valve, its a vacuum tool, that cost me 45 from and it runs off the compressor, 90 psi its good for getting the max of -25 on the vacuum gauge (-30 is a complete vacuum and your vacuum cleaner is good for about -10 to 15).  Fantastic little tool and much better than storing another big pump.

That black thingy sticking out of the pan is a digital food thermometer 6 and ive built that alloy holder, which has a 3.5mm hole to poke the steel probe through.

Next I would like to build a vacuum box with a rubber sheet that can be re-used, so i dont need to do vacuum bagging, mine always leaks.  Any ideas if it would work or where i could get the rubber sheet?


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