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Beginners Enameling Course,Thompson Enamel
« on: January 23, 2010, 08:24:06 AM »
Beginners Enameling Course
Thompson Enamel
Their introductory  booklet
Thompson Enamel
Bellevue Ky.

This 29 pages on enameling could have been called the 12 steps to a finished piece.  It starts out simply and each following lesson builds on the previous one.

This starts with the assumption that the person has little to no knowledge.  It is with the basic equipment, Bee hive/hot plate kiln/furnace and minimum supplies.


Applying the first coat

Applying the subsequent coat

Lumps, threads, and  powders: is using the decorative bits to add interest to the piece
String free form: is using a piece of string for a free form design.

Sgraffito is process procedure for a style of enameling. By layering two coats and then scratching through the top coat to get your design.
Stencils: is using a stencil for a design

Metal work and metal preparation:  talks about smoothing edges, cleaning and pickling and the how’s and whys. It also discusses the use of a vinegar/salt scrubbing paste. It also talks about the difference between Cleaning: removal of grease, oil and dirt. And Pickling: removal of metal oxide and fire scale. It is important to remember that the two are separate processes.

Counter enameling: is the applying of enamel to the backside of a piece.

Scalex: Is a product that reduces the amount of oxides (fire scale) formed on the piece.  The are steps when using it prior to applying the enamel.

Spatula and Spreader: (Wet Charging) is the use of wet enamel in the lay out of the design on the piece.

History of Enamel is next, with the references sighted in the other lessons.

The final lesson is sort of the print version of a FAQ. For some expanded general information on enamels and tools.

There is a pretty complete  book listing other than some recent editions

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