Author Topic: Thompson Enamel catalog, glass kind on metal  (Read 5479 times)

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Thompson Enamel catalog, glass kind on metal
« on: January 22, 2010, 07:58:11 AM »
Thompson Enamel Catalog
Thompson Enamel Inc
Thompson Enamel

You might wonder what a catalog is doing in a book review. Well all catalogs aren't created equal.  This one and their subsequent ones are a gold mine of information.  That is contained in the product descriptions.

If you are interested in finding out a lot of information about whether you would like to try it.

In addition to very complete descriptions on the glass powder used and the other assorted items. There are items that may find other uses in the shop.
Take the enameling iron plates, aka Low carbon steel 18 gauge or 22 gauge (for hammering) in circles 3” dia to 12” squares 3” to 18” and rectangles 2”x6" to 12”x18” these are the uncoated.

They have a host of stamped copper shapes in assorted sizes by the dozen or pound(each item has the #/pound). Also gilders metal (95%Cu,5%Zn) in assorted sizes .040” Copper dishes, boxes, trays and other items in .040”spun and stamped. The copper sheet goods is oxygen free, ASTM spec B-170. (electrolytic, high conductivity) in shapes and  sheet goods circles, squares, rectangles to 12”x 20” .040” thickness.

They carry both Sparex#1 for ferrous material  and Sparex#2 for non ferrous pickle mixes.
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