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Metal Sculpture
« on: January 16, 2010, 06:32:01 AM »
Metal Sculpture
John Lynch
The Studio Publications, Inc
LCCC #57-6177
Copyright ©1957

Well this is an oldie, but again a goody. Having come out of the fifties, when the movement of metal sculptors.  Was picking up momentum and moving forward.  With more use of industrial tools and procedures.

Considering that in the past and recent past Metal Sculpture meant “Bronze Works” whether they are small table top pieces, or the large public space sculptures.

There are three major influences that have contributed to metal sculpture.  The Cubist style an,  analysis of form, that broke with the traditional schools of painting and sculpture.  Second was the Dadaist extremist experimenters, using found objects.  Which was considered shocking at the time.  And lastly, the ever widening  assortment of  Tools, Materials, and Techniques and Procedures for industry that were converted for artist use.  The new directions, forms and methods used to express themselves.

Through out the book He gives a wonderful short, light history of the formative years of metal sculpture.  Calder, Picabia, Julio Gonzalez et all.  From the wire work, mobiles and other things Calder did.  Are some of the best examples of the directions the future work was going.

Development of Contemporary Metal Sculpture
Sculpture with Shears and Pliers  (wire and light metals)
Introduction to Soft Soldering
Silver Soldering
Constructions, Mobiles, Stabiles and Kinetic sculpture
Sculpture with Oxyacetylene welding

Yes looking at the subjects covered, it might look quaint, but at the time this was cutting edge writing on art.  The book does give some advice on tools, and material on each of the subjects.  It is filled with lots of B&W photos of the famous and not so famous work at the time.  Along with how to do some things.  Not a lot of detailed, information on how –to’s.  There are sheet metal animals cut from a solid sheet of steel, fountains, wire forms and others.  I have to say this is one of those books that today, are a really great peek at history of a growing area of the art world.  If you are serious about metal art you may want to get a copy and enjoy.

One world of caution, this is another of the older art books that some dealers feel they should get an arm or leg for.  Mine was a $7.50 as is, you should be able to find one for under $20.00.

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