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IPT's Industrial Trades Handbook
(power transmission systems)
By Bruce M Basaraba
Soft cover pocket format
3 3/4"x5 3/4"

Divided in to 9 sections covering one class of elements of power transmission devices,parts, bits and pieces. It is whole knowledge set that probably, can solve any questions you have on connection and drive issues.

Section 1 Couplings
¤From rigid couplings,flex,flange,jaw and slider,roller chain through floating shaft couplings
Section 2 Gears
¤From terminology and descriptions of the type pf gears,Zero bevel, straight,spiral,hypoid,worm,planetary gear systems to setting the proper backlash for each.and lubrication.
Section 3 Friction Bearings
¤Journal bearing parts,bearing classification,thrust,tilting pad,materials, properties,oil groves, babbitting procedures,safety, pouring,scraping,and bearing housing styles.
Section 4 Roller Element Bearings
¤From the introduction, parts, element types, materials and styles. Loads, ball, Roller taper, needle. Mounting hot,cold and shaft info,clearances,seals, lubrication and failures. Ending with the abbreviation standards.
Section 5 Clutches
¤From the different types of engagements,to the different types of clutches, installation and maintenance.
Section 6 Belt Drives
¤arc of contact,belt drives,crossed pulleys,idler pulleys,tension,friction. V-belts, variable belts,sheaves, positive belts, pulleys, idlers. Linked belts,flat belts,v-belt sheaves and sheave maintenance.
Section 7 Chain Drives
¤Chaim drives,chain types,roller, detachable,pintle,silent,leaf.Sprockets, tension, alignment,lubrication,installation, chain breakers,inspection. And chain drive factors.
Section 8 Alignment
¤misalignment,shaft, dial indicators,alignment devices,soft foot,piping strain, coupler runout,shims, shaft straightening methods and deflection.
Section 9 Trade Data
¤from the metric conversion, bolting torque,key and shaft sizes, key set screws sizes.steel classification drill sizes,tap drill sizes, metric bolts etc.

This is one that has it all for the small time fabricator or home shop person that is going to build the next Hemi powered snowblower. The only complaint I have with it is some of the print is small in the charts. but good lighting and a pocket magnifier works

Filled with charts and drawings through out the 488 pages it is well worth the cost if you only use it for the tensioning info on the belts and chains along with the lube info in you shop and garden equipment.

You can fined it here all the time
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