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Lathe chuck backstop for dummies

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Gerhard Olivier:
Thanks to Bogs I now know whan a backstop does and how it works AND I WANT ONE

I dont have any morse taper blanks and my topslide travel is to short to make one without a lot of luck involved.

The other way mentioned looked like I would be able to manage

So I need a expanding collet that fits the wrong end of the headstock spindle.

25mm MS + lathe +
+Slitting saw


This has a 12.5mm bore right through and a low angle taper at one end

Then the Tapered locking bolt needs a Outer thread 12mm *1mm pitch and a inner 8m thread

And ready for parting ( taking it out to the garagde and cutting it with the hacksaw)  Parting noise wakes kids

The setup on a piece of 8m studding just needs a 12mm *1mm closing nut and some accesories - like delrin spacer to keep it from rattling and maybe a flat end for the material to rest on.

Enough for tonight

Hopefull more tomorrow


Nice bit of machining Gearhard  :nrocks: is that a c4 indexer your using ?.

Looking forward to next installment  :thumbup:

Have fun


Nice one Gerhard,

It should work just fine.


Gerhard Olivier:
HI all

Thanks Bogs , Stew and Im not sure what it is called its a spindex takes 5c collets and Im working it with a 5c to er35 adapter.I got it cheap at the mod eng show.

Just need a little knurling and some small bits then I can start with the saddle stop- maybe do a multy stop rotating index.


Well done Gerhard......  :clap: :clap:

David D


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