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Moving from Windows 7 to windows 10 - testing 1-2-3

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Finally I got myself to test, what Win 10 is about. I'd still prefer to use Win 7, but there's no way around, that its hardware support is fading away.

It has become as a habit for me to strip out as much excess stuff that I can, when doing clean win 7 install. It has been quite an easy thing to do just by disabling certain services and uninstalling needless stuff.
But no, with win 10 it doesn't seem to be that simple. "Full" 10 install is just horrible. No wonder that there are so many videos on youtube, and all kinds of scripts to "debloat" it.

After watching some videos of how the Windows iso-image can be modified, I opted for WinToolkit and MSMG toolkit, as they both are free.

First one, wintoolkit does its job, but for me it appears to be for advanced users (who actually know what they are doing), as there are so many options to choose from. 
Msmg toolkit, however allows one to choose components to be removed more in a 'bulk' way.

But which version of Win 10? So far I've tested 1903, 2004 and latest, 22H2.

For now, I'll stick to 1903, as for some reason, with other two versions, even after modifying the iso images - with same options - there are still stuff like microsoft store hanging around.
I guess the newer the windows version, harder it is to remove all that crap, at least when using msmg toolkit.

I'll probably install win 10 with current os at some point, but for testing purposes, I ordered separate ssd drive.

In the meantime, the setup I'm using is Oracle VM (also free software) on win 7, as msmg toolkit itself doesn't run on win 7.

So far, as a result, start menu (although I don't like it much) is a lot cleaner, right after finishing the installing:

Very interesting, another Win7 diehard. I still have that mountain to climb. My biggest worry is how my old programs would like a new OS like Win10.

I only have Win10 where I have to - workshop PC and my accounts PC still Win7 for the simple reason programs I need to run won't run on 10

I went to win10 because my free win7/8 licenses would not run on the new laptop - no network adapter support before having a network.

And the new laptop was both necessary and extremely expensive with nvidia hw graphics.

With some tweaks I got more/less std old windows interfaces to run.
And the win10 spams are minimal .. apart from extremely bothersome endless upgrades if I donŽt use it for a few weeks.

Once I get the time (hah), IŽll tweak the win10 system to not peek or upgrade or spam system upgrades and or program upgrades so much.
This is difficult, laborious, and causes endless cascade errors, where a new sw kit needs access to a, needing library b, needing update c.

This is on purpose, from microsoft, forcing users to endlessly update their system - while reporting all installed sw to ms.

I greatly dislike the new win8 / win10 system, and more the endless upgrade/spyware cycle.
But since I need the new hw, there are few alternatives.

Recently my workshop laptop (running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit) failed to boot one day. No problem - I'll restore it to how it was. Only to find my backup on a portable USB was corrupt.

I asked around for some Win 7 install disks (as a download is no longer available from Microsoft) - no-one had any. I then emailed a friend who gave me .iso files for Win 7 Pro in 32 & 64 bit versions on a USB stick.

I first tried the 64 bit but, try as I might, couldn't get a wireless connection. I reformatted the drive and installed the 32 bit version. I had the same problem - no wireless.

I thought that the free upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 had ended some time ago but my friend thought I'd still be able to do it. So I downloaded Win 10 to a bootable USB stick and fitted an SSD that I had bought for my CNC PC. One of the first things it asked for was a registration key so I entered my valid Win 7 key - not accepted - bugger. I continued installing without a key and, to my surprise, I ended up with an activated copy of Win 10. Strangely the key is the same as my other Win 10 laptop and my desktop!

The best thing was everything worked just like it should without having to search for obscure drivers. And the boot speed and shutdown speed is much improved.

My Mach3 CNC PC still runs XP and I have several independently stored backups and many sets of install cds. The SSD I fitted to my laptop was originally destined for this machine but getting an SSD to work as the primary drive on XP is very difficult. (Not impossible but beyond me.)

I hope Microsoft continue to support Win 10 for a very long time because all my devices fail the Win 11 minimum requirement test.


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