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Variator for small lathe

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Good news Bill! 👍


Itis - suffix meaning swelling

Well, having found that the motor has insufficient starting torque, first thought was to increase capacitor ... Great 25u starts it at highest speed, but wots that smell :Doh:

A 180w motor drawing 456w is not going to last long.

Casting around for a motor a friend delivered a 1hp monster (looked about the right size in the photo  :bang:)

Today I swapped out 1/2hp one on my saw for the 1hp - had to get creative with the motor mounts, and bore the pulley.

So now I have to redrill the plate to mount the motor, which will move the kopp an inch further back , causing a rethink of the counter shaft....

 :proj: indeed.

An absolutely CLASSIC example of the case! :thumbup:

I mounted the Gryphon 1/2 hp motor onto the plate with the variator . This assembly is as heavy as the rest of the lathe and stand.

Total weight is 60kg so far.

The variatir pulley is a inch or so to the left of where it was. Fortunately, spinning the counter shaft 180degrees brings the back into alignment.

Next, I have to make a motor drive for the kopp speed  adjustment.

Electrical vari-speed made...

Of course it was not as simple as that ,  involving three attempts at making the C shaped body , including throwing one out of the mill vice and jamming my 4" facemill into the spindle .

The motor coupling filed for divorce - now I'll have to remove the motor again which is getting heavier every time I lift it

But it is sort of working  giving a continuous 311 to 2320 rpm 


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