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Variator for small lathe

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Not much of an update....

After adjusting the backlash and topping up the oil (lucky we had some old tellus at work for some other machine ) ,
I mounted the Kopp and motor on a U chassis to raise it and the belt to clear the headstock.

Nothing is bolted down yet as I may try to hifde the enormous power train under the bench top.

Small update:

I have a small pile of 4040 extrusion with which I can make a stand for the lathe and motor.

Just a mock up ATM to check height

I've settled on the basic shape.

The black motor plate determines the 600mm width of the frame.   . I have to add a counter shaft and pulleys to get the drive up to the headstock.

Bill, Good to see the Kopp being put to good use. Phil.

Yes  Phil, it's taken a while  :)


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