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Take a look at this and see what you think, has Benchy got a Cap'n?   (I think so.)

Here's a slightly blurry side view.

I printed Mario out at 100% and stuck him in the wheel-house, he was just too small.  I reprinted this version at 120%, which I think looks a LOT more better.  I think he's going to have to go under the knife and have a little surgery on his right arm though.  To make it look more like he's holding the wheel, and less like he's just standing there like a Dork.

Benchey got several other modifications.  He got his Close In Weapon System, his smoke-stack was modified to be a radome, and he got his diesel exhaust stacks.  I originally had a really neat set of barrels designed for what was supposed to be a Mini-gun.  I took one look at the printed version, realized that they were WAY TOO SMALL, and said - "Nope, not gonna happen."  The Mini-gun then got replaced with the chain-gun seen in the picture.  As you can see this is not just a Close In Weapon System, it's a REALLY Close In Weapon System.  In fact it could be used to pick-off the seagulls and keep them from crapping on top of the turret.  I've got some seagull figurines on order to set up just such a scene.

I've got to get some more hardware, motor, ESC, prop, bearings, prop-shaft, rudder-post, and all the other Bit's and Bob needed to make a functional boat - that I haven't already got stashed away somewhere.

Then Benchy will be almost ready for the test pond, and his weights and balance testing.  Painting will be done after that.


Just did that.

Mario is out of surgery and recovering nicely.  His time spent under the knife wasn't too drastic.  I just bent his arm a little, and twisted it a bit.  Just enough so that he doesn't look quite so much like he's the Fonz going Heyyyyyyy.  I'll get a little filler on his arm, enough to cover the scar and give him a bit of an elbow.


Did you use physical tools for that?


--- Quote from: vtsteam on April 21, 2022, 03:52:56 PM ---Did you use physical tools for that?

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah, I don't have the software tools to do it any other way.  I just amputated his arm at the elbow and then reattached it.  I think it turned out OK.  Here's a couple of views of the wheelhouse, this first one is from forward looking into the wheelhouse.

This next one is looking at the port side.  I plan to attach a chain to Mario's left hand to make it look like he's going to sound the horn.

This last one is looking at the starboard side.  I didn't get too crazy with how much I bent his arm, wasn't exactly sure where his hand would wind up in relation to the wheel.  I think it looks OK.


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