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No PLA solvent glue, my sample of COEX Green Bay yellow got here instead.  The PLA glue is actually Weld-on #4 and does pretty fair job of solvent bonding PLA.  The last time I used it though, it bleached the color out of the red filament I was using it on, we'll see what happens this time.

I got done redesigning the turret and its' internal parts last night.  I also designed both the fore and aft the turret pivots.  I grouped them all together and started them printing.  S3D says it's a 19 hour print.  That print should be done an hour or 2 before I get home tonight.  It's not the parts themselves that take so long to print, it's the support.  The hull parts that I printed a couple of days ago would have only taken about 2/3 the time they actually took if I hadn't used support.


Friday night when I got home, my Weldon #4 order was waiting in my mailbox.  So Benchy is starting to come together - literally.  Benchy's hull is now in one piece, it's not water-tight yet, but it's in one piece.

As you can see in the picture, Benchy had his V8, and in the process he grew some TEETH.
The turret's kind of like a cartoon version of the deck gun on a USN destroyer, that or a cartoon Imperial Scout Walker.  Either description would be appropriate.

There's a WHOLE lot of sanding to be done to smooth out the layer lines to get the hull ready for paint.  And almost every other printed part as far as that goes.


I talked to the Captain last night and he informed me that because of the height of that damned bow railing, the forward turret can't depress as far as it should be able to.  This leaves us dangerously exposed to a frontal attack by a small craft.  He recommended a Close In Weapon System placed up high, maybe on top of the pilot house.  I told him I'd take it under consideration. 

Hmmm... Maybe it's time to dieselize Benchy.  The CWIS could replace the smokestack, and I'll add a couple of exhaust stacks on the corners of the pilot-house - beside the rear turret.  (Twin turbos on the diesel dontchaknow.)  Then I could add that diesel sound system that I've got.


I made some progress on Benchy in the last week.  But if I showed you a picture you'd think just the opposite, since he's almost completely disassembled.  The hull is sanded and sealed, I've got 3 coats of semi-gloss varnish on it so far.  Even thought it's plastic, there are still pinholes in the surface, I discovered that while wet-sanding the hull. 

There were several spots where I could dry the area off, and when I checked those areas a couple of minutes later they would be darker, like water was seeping onto them.  I decided to just varnish the hull to seal it.  For a while I was debating whether I should fiberglass the hull, or just give it a sealing coat of epoxy.  Since I don't have the materials to do either of those options, I went with varnish which I do have.

I've been trying to find a suitable figure to place at the helm.  Where I work they think I should use Cap'n Crunch, but they might be just a little biased.  I couldn't find any Cap'n Crunch STL files, but I could find an 11cm tall Mario, and a Luigi, about the same size.  I downloaded the files for Mario last night, all 35 of them.  It's designed to be printed using the correct color filament for that part.  That's makes Mario look more realistic, but I'm pretty sure a realistic Mario is an oxymoron.

I don't have any pink or brown filament, and I'm not going to buy a roll just for this one print.  I'll print everything in one color and paint the parts the correct color.  I printed out some of Mario's major parts at 100% to see if he needed to be scaled.  I'm pretty sure he'll need to be scaled up to 110%-120%, maybe more to look right when he's at the wheel.  I'm going to print out the neck, the shoes, and the hat, then glue him together - to get a better idea about the scaling.


tom osselton:
Well there is always Steamboat Willie.


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