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Mike K:
I'm making a pair of Kant Twist clamps.  I'm not using threaded fasteners to hold the plates together; according to the plans I have, I've made pins and am peening the ends.  The trouble is that the slop that I thought would go away hasn't.  My pin shoulders wound up about 2-3 thou smaller than the holes, and they're about 102 thou long going into 16 gauge (62 thou) thick arm plates.  After a few minutes of peening with a small ball pein hammer I have the pin staying in and not falling out, but the 2-3 thou slop is still there and the extra 40 thou that I thought was needed for peening hasn't reduced that much.  So, there's slop in both directions.

I'm wondering if: 1) My hammer is too big?'s 8 oz and on the scale of the 3/16" pins maybe the end is too flat?  B) The extra 40 thou beyond the plate thickness is too much?  The plans were calling for 60 thou, though.  And iii) I just need to spend much more time hammering?

Any tips for peeing would be appreciated.

You are peening round the edge of the pin not just hitting it square on arenít you?

Mike K:
Well, no...I was hitting it square, but with the round nose end of the hammer.  I guess this is an obvious mistake.

Mike K:
Actually, I was hitting every spot on the face, square on as well as the edge.  I think I need a smaller nosed tool, like maybe a small drift with the nose rounded?  The pin face is only 3/16".

Rivet snaps are the tool to use , you can make them with a ball nosed end mill or buy them ready made . 


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