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Elegoo Saturn - first week

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The Gauge One 3D Circle on has been having weekly zoom calls for over a year now, though I only heard about them a couple of months ago. Obviously G1 specific but they come up with some interesting stuff.
Water based resins are more expensive but hardly smell apparently.
The description "ABS like" appears to be a marketing ploy and no different from regular.
Lots on youtube about modifying exposure times but an interesting problem can be the resin seeming to redissolve slightly near the first layers, perhaps due to rush of resin into the thin gap between plate and FEP in the initial stages.
Of interest to the G1 people is PLA warping and melting in California level sun, and water resistance in the UK. Materials other than PLA are quite sun resistant. The water based material expands when soaked for a week and becomes spongy and weak, but rehardens when dried.
The level of detail achieved on resin printers is way better than filament which is important for modellers but you really need both types to bulk and structural stuff with cheaper filament. Also resin does thinner sections so always save material with thin walls. Also always remember to design in drain holes.


Interesting about the abs like resins. I've watched afew YouTube videos from cnc kitchen and tom salamandererer  , both suggest increased strength, but i  have wondered if this is just  a sensitive resin and is better cured by the initial exposure?

I'll have to try the water washable stuff , it might be the best way to avoid excessive ipa exposure which is , i think , the worst problem.  I know from experience that solvent exposure is nasty and non obvious ( blood pressure increases etc.)  I noticed that a number of yt modellers have been using water based washing solutions (surfactants) instead of ipa . A hot wash in a big bath of percil might be worth a try8-)

Hi Joe,
You're right,  correct orientation, is not obvious  , and slightly counter intuitive ,  i.e , it seems, the best way to print flat is to mount the part at a compound angle  !

Week three:

FEP punctured !   

Set a print going , checked it after a half hour or so and found the Z motor stalled and grumbling.  Turns out a small piece of the print (~4mm pyramid) had come adrift and was now stuck under the plate!

On close inspection it had punctured the FE plate and marked the polariser beneath. Fortunately the LCD seems fine and polarisers are available.

Of course , the larger, thicker FEP film is vastly more expensive (i.e. a complete rip off)

Bill - P'd off   :(

Bad luck Bill  :(

Bad luck would be a cracked LCD  - these are unobtainable ATM


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