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DRO for Warco Major mill

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Today I had few extra hours and plan was max. results with minimal effort.

I could not locate thick enenough aluminium for support, I mostly used 30x30 mm 2 mm thick L-profile.

Mechanically it appears fine, but I haven't tested it yet electrically.

Magnetic tape is now 2 mm off the sensor. Plan is to file 3 mm bolt holes oval just enough to bring the tape near the sensor but avoid physical contact.

Still two separate items left: X-axis and configutation.

Now the interesting question. Which way should axis indication increase?

CNC easy, two views, same result...


BUT this is a manual machine

1: When I turn Y-axis wheel clockwise table will move away and numers on micrometer will would be elegant if the numbers on DRO would increase as well.

2: Looks like it is rather popular to zero origo on fixed jaw of the vice. Obivious benefits.

Any takes?


You can configure each axis to read either positive or negative for a given movement.

These are the axis designations on my Beaver Mill (Fixed table moving quill) and my Beaver Lathe (Moving Turret) if it helps:

Forgot to put few earlier pics on cast iron flats for mounting. 16 mm indexed mill, M6 threads and 3 mm spacer washers to raise the bracket off the rough cast surface.

There should a alrge mill in the darkest corner that is big enough to mount all parts of the other machines for modifications.... :scratch:

Tested the Y-axis, works fine and tape/head is in correct relation (both pulse count A/B, ref and direction).



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