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I’m trying to come up with ideas for a sharpening / lapping station for carbide scraper blades. So what are you useing?

Graham Stabler:
I bought a record wet stone sharpener with the idea of mounting a diamond lapping disc on the side of one of the wheels, I didn't like the quality for the price so it is going back to the supplier, I might get a Triton instead or scratch build something.

I really like this concept:

The drill press provides the drive and doesn't have ways to worry about contaminating.

Otherwise I am thinking of home brewing something, possibly using the drive mechanism of the Record grinder (see attached) and maybe a fridge fan motor:

Fridge fan motor on ebay



Scratch built is looking more and more likely as there doesn’t seem to be much available off the shelf.

I've just bought this solution to to the problem. After the Richard King class where I used Pete's low speed grinder, I decided that it was a better way to go.I had previously bought a cheap bench grinder, to make a Stephan Gotteswinter type 3000grit, 2450 rpm grinder. I made a 8mm steel plate as a backing plate, but the shaft was so bad that it's run-out made it unusable! So, it's a cheap low speed "wet" grinder, with a standard speed other end that I will probably put a green wheel on. I used the original spacers to mount the 3000 grit disk just to try it. The shaft is 12mm, whereas the disk and spacer and disk are 12.7mm (1/2") The 0.7mm out of round poses no problems!!

To grind the -5° rake into my blades, I just set up a temporary rest at that angle on the Clarkson, and use a diamond wheel to free hand the radius.

My scraper is an old Coborn 1817 Type 1. Not sure how old it is, but it has the power unit separate from the handpiece, with the power transmitted by a flex shaft. The stroke is adjustable with just a large screw driver through the hole in the hand peice. The Coborn is pretty nice to use. I haven't used a Biax, but the weight is about the same as my friends Biax (gets heavy fast). The nice thing is that the Coborn is so quiet.

One advantage of that remote motor, is that there is a cast iron lapping plate moounted on it for touching up the blades. I got some fine diamond lapping paste from Ebay. There is also a radius jig, which is adustable for cutting rake angle but unfortunately the radius is built into the ball bearing tool holder. To lap a different radius, you would need a different tool holder assembly.

Since the only tool holder I have is a very large radius (about 150mm / 6"), so I don't use it. I'll remove that jig, and make up a fixed -5° jig which I can switch between the Clarkson for grinding, and the Corborn for lapping and touching up.


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