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Bent Iron Work
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:14:35 AM »
Bent Iron Work
Including Elementary Art Work
by: Paul Hasluck
original copyright 1903
copyright 1996 reprint trade paperback

Another great one that has all the bases covered. Other than modern welding practices. It covers all that a new student would need to know. Filled with almost 270 illustrations on the work being discussed.

    * Tools and materials
    * Bending and working strip iron
    * Simple exercises in bent iron
    * And moving on to the list of items in the contents each type having its own chapter or section of a chapter

A nice feature is that the constructions of the scroll work item are lettered like paint by numbers so you can follow and keep track.
If your are one that likes the old style scroll work or period stuff from the big abbeys in England(screens) than this will be worth the money to pick up. It doesn't cost much and it's another that should probably be on your shelf just in case. It has a lot on how they connected them back in the day before cheap and wide spread welding equipment.
From hanging lamps and pot hangers to the ornate mirror and picture frames its here!
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