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The Charcoal Foundry
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:09:58 AM »
The Charcoal Foundry
by: David J Gingery
copyright 1983,2000revised
David J Gingery Publishing
Here is another slim volume thats packs a lot of information it it at a low cost. It has been around for a while (38 years) It still has everything to get casting.
This is one of those books that has gotten more people interested in backyard casting than probably any other. Whether people will admit it or not.
It covers enough of each subject to get you working.

    * Foundry work in general
    * The equipment and supplies
    * Making patterns and cores
    * The blast furnace
    * Molding and pouring
    * Conclusion
    * Appendix

Don't let the name fool you it is just that he says you can find it in almost very part of the country. If you have access to coal or coke you can use that.
Read the back of the book it tells it all.
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