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Elenmentary Wrought iron
« on: December 16, 2010, 10:21:52 AM »
Elementary Wrought Iron
J.W. Bollinger
Originally published by The Bruce Publishing Co.
Original Copyright©1930,Wireless Press
Reprint by Lindsay Publications
ISBN 1-55918-210-5
Trade paperback , 136 pages

This is an elementary book on smithing, and general  decorative metal arts work. Most likely for the junior and high school industrial arts classes.  So it is written in clear and concise terms, with very good descriptions of the equipment, tools and materials and procedures.

It is divided into 3 sections, the first Materials and Tools with the anvil and forge as a sub section. It isn't an in depth section or explanations of any of it. Just the basics of the materials used and the main tools.

The next section is headed Operations, which covers 26 operations that are used in the art of decorative metal arts work. Along with being used in general blacksmithing.

It covers building a coal fire for coke, then cutting, tapering, upsetting, flaring, twisting, making bends over an anvil. Shaping an eye, shaping a ring, making bends with a bending fork, Bending with the use of bending forks and bending scrolls over scroll forms.

Moves on to raising, rosettes and leaf ornaments. The use of pipe collars was interesting, as a replacement for making a dished wooden block.

The final two sections of the operation part is drilling, riveting, threading, fastening with clips, (forge) brazing and (forge)welding. Then hardening and tempering tool steel and a short section on finishing.

The project section is the last part of the book filled with clear drawings with squares as reference for the curved pieces, it is divide into Tools, Articles of furniture and Miscellaneous, Andirons and Fireplace accessories, Candlesticks, Lamps and some fill ins small quickie projects (watch charms or key chain charms).

From plain items to items that have rosettes and flourishes, the lamp section covers some basic wiring of the lamps, for the most part it is still the same as then with the possibility of the polarized plugs on the ends.

Nation builder books Is one source in addition to Lindsay books
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