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Re: Painting on PVC canopies
« on: April 02, 2010, 08:29:38 AM »
When I was doing it on a regular basis, I would buy the vinyl banner material on rolls and bought it pre coated with a "tie coat". Some form of  acrylic coating that prevented the polymers from migrating from the banner material inside to the outside. As most plastics due over time.

I always used oil based paint 1shot lettering enamel, but alas that is fast going the way of most old school things. I also used rattle can solvent based. Short term uses I just sprayed the rattle can boarders and used vinyl letter was cheaper.

With the advent of the assorted printers that can handle the banner material they are now using hot solvent silk screen inks as the ink medium in them. Some would paint with them directly on the banner, they burned into the surface. Way to much fumes of a semi toxic nature, for me.

Now you have to understand that, I make no warranties about any of the type of products will work. With the changes in the laws regarding paint products etc and the differences in your locally produce items.

The tie coat on the vinyl material is about the same thing as the clear plaster acrylic drywall sealer, tile floor prep sealer here. I have used it when I only had uncoated banner

They still have the 1shot brand and I do know that they sell it in your country.

Ti-Cote Clear Primer Barrier Coat (4331010-Gloss) (4331011-Flat)
A high performance water based clear primer used for treating vinyl surfaces (banners, awnings, flex faces and vinyls) to make them receptive to Lettering Enamels.

Vinyl Primer (5004)
a water based primer that goes on milky white, but dries clear, and allows for use of Lettering Enamels, Bulletin Colors Fluorescent and Art & Sign Poster Colors, on most synthetic surfaces.

1 Shot and Chromatic Paints offer, as part of their complete "start to finish" paint system...a full line of Primers and Blockouts for Signs

DSS Supply One PTY Ltd    5/44 Boorea St    NSW 2141    
(02) 9649 1000

Straightlinz    37 Skerten Ave Christchurch 8042    HORNBY    
0064 3349-5559

1Shot web site

When the rattle can had the real hot solvents in their formula's, you didn't need the barrier/tie coat as the paint/solvent would burn into the PVC vinyl.

Now if the canopy you are talking about are the PVC blue,green,brown,silver traps two things get the heaviest weight in thickness you can. And the lined ones if possible, I was using a cheap one as drop cloth spraying with a rattle can. and were the paint landed the heaviest it eat through the trap in a couple days.

You can figure out the area you are going to paint and paint that section of the canopy only. let the tie coat dry completely. Before you paint the advert, Then Since it sounds like you are out in the boonies/outback I would add a couple of Clear UV protection coats on the top of the advert. Even with the new paints they don't last as long as in the the old leaded paint days. And certain colors fade faster then others.

Even with the addition of titanium dioxide as the replacement for lead in the paints some colors can disappear.

At the auto body/paint stores they have an additive that you can mix with the paint to give it flex. its the stuff they mix with paint for the rubber and plastic car parts.
I have used it with regular same solvent based paints with no complaints. You should test it first with the paint to make sure it drys etc.

With vinyl lettering on banners or painted letters of any kind it is always best to role up the banner with the lettering facing the outside as you role! "Never fold", as the sharp corners will pop the paint or vinyl letters even with the tie coat.

The cardboard roll/tube carpets come on is what I used to pick up for free and give with each banner.

In 10 years the only problem with the vinyl banners was the one that was folded and had something sitting on it ironing the creases in.

canvas with oil based paint

Canvas/oil based paint on ticket stand

1shot oil based paint on vinyl tie coated banner,with rattle can air brushing on vinyl letters

1shot on vinyl banner,it was for her visit to the school I was working at. Somebody thought it was good as it was stolen later in the summer during a break in.

1shot on vinyl lettering and vinyl banner with tie coat

1shot on vinyl banner

I love the canvas as you dampen the canvas surface, and then paint with oil based paint it will wick it thru the canvas and make it flexible and hold up well through all kinds of abuse. Including an elephant walking across them. couldn't do that with vinyl  :doh:
Hope this helps
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