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P type tailstock quill
« on: January 30, 2024, 09:28:23 AM »
acquired a Pultra P type in very good condition apart from the tailstock quill was missing I got a quill from a nice gentleman and I was hoping my friend that owns a local engineering company was going to be able to bore & ream my P type tailstock to fit the quill that I have that takes my 10mm collets but unfortunately although there is plenty of meat in the tailstock he was unable to mount it accurately enough to bore & ream so I had to have a rethink.
What I came up with I am reasonably happy with , I used a length of 1/2 silver steel and turned a Jacob 0 taper on one end , also made a sleeve to fit in between the original handle and sleeve over the 1/2 shaft so I could use the original pins & grub screws , also drilled 2 holes in the sleeve opposite each other and threaded to take grub screws to lock shaft to sleeve the reason for having the shaft removable is because I have ordered a ER11 chuck on a 1/2 shaft 6 long so I can remove the drill & fit the ER chuck by just undoing 2 grub screws, meaning I have the best of both worlds.
As can be seen in the pictures using the Scalpel blade method it looks to be very accurate.
If anyone has a 17/50 tailstock for sale please message me, it will fit the P type as well and the 17/50 has the 10 mm quill whereas the P type has 8mm.

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