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Welding books
« on: May 11, 2008, 12:35:38 PM »
After receiving the last two books I ordered. And reading one and the sections that caught my eye in the contents of the other.I thought that some of the other members might find them of interest.
Having 10 or so books on welding text book type and the others. Most bog you down with a lot of info that you will never need if you are an artists/hobbyist or even a certified daily working welder. And they all seem to lack the info that comes up from time to time that we all need.
I have two candidates that I feel are a must have for the newbe or old hand.
The first is:
Welding Essentials
second edition
by William Gavery, Frank Marlow
Industrial Press

It is in a question and answer format that covers what is the most asked questions on safety, general welding of most types, as the contents page lists. With out all the theory and mumbo jumbo the text books put in.
In its 500 plus pages it has a great glossary with clear to the point definitions. Good clear illustrations. And a simple to understand safety info. Some fun stuff, ok I'm an fact geek for off beat info. Like what do all those numbers mean stamped on the neck are of the tanks etc.
Welding Fabrication and Repair
Question &Answers
by Frank Marlow
Industrial Press
ISBN #0-8311-3123-3
Again in the Q&A format, Dealing with real world fabrication issues. And tips and insights for solving them. They give clear concise info on the correct terms descriptions. Of steel, piping, tubing, and other stuff we tend not to know the correct terms or use age of scheduling # of pipe/tube and the wall thickness. Again the contents page and the back cover says it all.
If you weld these two should be on you shelf. publishers web site

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