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Title: Gas Metal Arc Welding Handbook
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Gas Metal Arc Welding Handbook
5th Edition
BY William H Minnick
The Goodheart-Wilcox Company inc.
ISBN 978-1-59070-866-8
copyright 2008


This is the latest edition of of the book, It is a widely used text book in the education of welders. It has been update to include the current equipment and process. It like all of this publishers book almost a standard welding text.

Lots of clear B&W photo's, drawings and charts and welding schedules. ( which are sheets that show listed everything you need to know to complete the job as the welding engineer wished) I know that not everyplace uses the same one but, they are close to a general type.

The book covers basic operation of each components.
Safety practices of welding,electricity, gases etc.
Welding defects and how to avoid them.
Types of weld joints and welds.
Assorted metals techniques and procedures.
And a chapters that cover the special info that is required by welding auto bodies, trucks-trailers and off the road vehicles.

It is 14 chapters it does look like a slim volume, but when it is considered that all other procedures are excluded form it. It does cover the choosen subject matter like a blanket.

Whether it is a beginner just starting out in the use of GMAW(MIG) or an long time welder that needs a little refresher course. This will be a help.

It does contain a great reference section with the information in chart form.
From the guide to shade numbers of lenses,to inches per pound of wire, safe limits for fumes and metric units for welding.

The glossary is well defined with not only welding terms but terms that are closely related to the welding trade.