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When I made up the excavator bucket crowd hose the other day I blindly copied what was there - except that it had 'hose wrap protector' on it to save it from chaffing. Well I had some wrap on order and it arrived today.

It's a bit of a b****r to fit to already installed hoses but possible, so that was this mornings little job. I'd just finished BOTH ram hoses realising that the other one had no wrap when I realised that the hose that I hadn't changed had a much nicer routing. It had straight 1/2" BSP female fittings on both ends whereas the one I removed had a 90 degree bend on one end making it stick out like a sore elbow !

Then it dawned on me - someone in the past had burst a hose and just used what was to hand that 'sort of' fitted' Time to make up another hose with straight fittings on both ends. It lays so much nicer in the guides and doesn't stick out like the last one !

Carrying on with the 'sort all those little jobs' theme on the JCB I today fitted the near side hose guard. When I got the machine the original (JCB Yellow) hose guard was very mangled and I've not been able to source a replacement. It's bent from a sheet of 2.0 mm yellow HDPE sheet - and I couldn't even find a source of the sheet unless I bought a metric ton of the stuff, so I bought black. The black sheet has been kicking about my workshop while I remained in hope of either finding the real thing or yellow sheet.

But no - so yesterday it got cut to size. I had heated up, ironed out the mangling in the original, and plastic welded it with a soldering iron to be able to get a decent pattern, but the plastic welding isn't strong enough to bend it to use it.

Now before fitting it I decided to steam clean all the plumbing behind and about it - not only makes the fitting job more pleasant but helps enormously in tracking any further hydraulic leaks.

So that's one more job off the list. The ram for the offside front bucket crowd function has a small weep so at some time soon I need to pull it apart and replace the seals. Fairly straightforward job apart from the sizes involved - cylinder cap nut for instance is 65 mm AF and on at a huge torque so that will be fun. I made a 65 mm 'flogging spanner' the other day on the CNC Plasma Table in preparation.
Member Videos / Re: My week this week, my workshop videos!
« Last post by hermetic on April 15, 2023, 10:56:14 AM »
Hi All,
A week of field work and a lot of rain means that the grass will be growing, but too wet to cut! We are assaulted by wild dogs, and I get in the machine lamp rebuild as well!  All in all, a productive week, and got to meet a new friend called Noah who is into boatbuilding and wildlife preservation! Have a look at Carl Wilsons channel where he is refurbing a Harrison milling machine with an identical lovolite. A true perfectionist!
Phil, In biblically wet East Yorkshire

Project Logs / Re: Rocketronics electronic leadscrew
« Last post by Dell on April 14, 2023, 02:40:43 PM »
Not sure where the picture got to.
Project Logs / Re: Rocketronics electronic leadscrew
« Last post by Dell on April 14, 2023, 02:39:05 PM »
Here is the picture of the steeper mounting on the back of the headstock using the two original motor mount bolts, yes I know I drilled the plate in the wrong place but as itís only a foot plate to mount the motor I am not too worried about it, the pulleyís turns up today and what a load of crap they are , that will teach me to buy cheap, ordered some replacements from a different company and the others are going back.
Project Logs / Re: Rocketronics electronic leadscrew
« Last post by Brass_Machine on April 14, 2023, 11:00:50 AM »
I am keen to see how it works!
Project Logs / Re: Rocketronics electronic leadscrew
« Last post by Dell on April 13, 2023, 03:09:13 PM »
As I havenít received the parts yet I canít do to much although tracking saying itís in UK and I have made the mounting for the stepper with adjustment fore and aft and to tension the belt, I will take a picture tomorrow.
Project Logs / Re: Rocketronics electronic leadscrew
« Last post by awemawson on April 13, 2023, 01:45:46 PM »
Looks like an interesting project - do keep us up to date  :thumbup:
Project Logs / Rocketronics electronic leadscrew
« Last post by Dell on April 13, 2023, 11:37:31 AM »
Hi all
I have just bit the bullet and ordered the complete Rocketronics leadscrew kit because my hand are getting worse, I have looked at lots of YouTube videos on the subject and although expensive when leadscrew and crosslide are automated it will do a lot of turning and threading automatically, I havenít received the kit yet because itís coming from Germany.
It looks like I will be able to fit closed loop stepper behind headstock and the encoder where the change wheels were and all without drill ing hole or cutting anything out but we will see.
This is the same kit I have ordered


For a long time I've been puzzled by an hydraulic leak from the back end - puzzled in being unable to locate it that is !

There are 6 hoses formed into a 'trombone shape' conveying fluid to the various services on the back actor - (they move side to side as the boom is side shifted) - they'd got pretty grubby with mud so I cleaned them down the other day. Five minutes later oil was dribbling down the hose nearest the front of the machine. Was this my mystery leak? Only a small dribble and no sign of damage to the hose. A few more cleaning & trying cycles and yes certainly something was leaking. Both ends were tight (1/2" BSP female) but bally difficult to access.

So I ordered up a hose, and also a 27 mm 'crows foot spanner' the more easily to undo the ends. A bit of time today so I started. The whole rear arm needs to be lain on the floor just so things don't descend suddenly when opening hydraulic joints, so a bit of tractor shifting first then lay the boom down.

Old hose eventually was cajoled off and I realised then that the 'energy chain' that these hoses run in was packed with oil laiden mud so would have to come off for cleaning. Now oddly there was no sign of any damage on the hose that I removed.

With the boom down on the floor it was obvious that one of the 'crowd' cylinder hoses had come to the end of it's life - worn down to the inner of the two braid layers. Again 1/2" BSP - straight one end and 90 degrees on the other but I hadn't ordered a spare  :bang:

Fortunately I had suitable ends and hose so I crimped up a custom part. Everything fitted back together without too many dramas and what's more there is no leak!

I tested it without the 'energy chain' so that I could feel all round the hose - glad to say all's well and I refitted the newly cleaned energy hose.
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