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Title: Chris Heapy Web Site Disappeared
Post by: Bernd on February 23, 2009, 12:36:29 PM
I just was surffing through the Gadgetbuilders ( website and came upon his links list. It looks like Chris' web site disappeared back in 2005. I had it in My Favorites and was overjoyed to find so much info on machine work. The website has been saved in a Japanese archive.

Here's the link: (

Since there are a lot of UK memebers on here they may have a clue to what happened.

Title: Re: Chris Heapy Web Site Disappeared
Post by: John Stevenson on February 23, 2009, 06:11:25 PM
Not sure what happened. Chris as well as having his very good website also ran two advert pages, on on astronomy subjects and one on Model Engineering.
He started to lapse on the ME list and posted he was having server / web hosting problems and asked for help. Mark Rand offered him unlimited bandwidth for free, no strings attached and I offered help in running the site.
neither of us received any replies ?

At this point I didn't know about the astronomy site but it turned out that he asked for help on this site and handed it over to other users. He then again asked for help on the ME forum but asked if people would reply via the advert site. I sent an advert in, then immediately sent in a genuine advert and then Charles Ping also offered help via an advert.

Neither Charles or myself received a reply to our offers but the advert did appear so mail was getting thru.

Charles and myself got to talking to see if there was a way to start a new advert site until Chris came back on the scene.
We setup the Home Workshop site in 2003 ( it's run smoothly since then.

It's geared for home shop users, not just in the UK but it that is where most users are. All adverts are free, no costs involved for either buyers or sellers. Charles and I fund the site totally.

As to what happened to Chris I have no idea, I gather his web page just ran out because the fees also ran out ?

Title: Re: Chris Heapy Web Site Disappeared
Post by: Bernd on February 23, 2009, 06:25:07 PM
Thanks for the info John. I really liked that site as it had so much info.

I find this to be one of the major problems with web sites, you mark them and then all of a sudden they disappear along with all the good info. One reason why I've built up a small library of info of paper books.

Thanks again for that info.