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Tools / Pultra 1750
« Last post by Dell on Today at 09:08:47 AM »
Hi all
Haven’t been on here for a while due to having to many bereavements in close family, I have just purchased a Pultra 1750 lathe mainly because as I live in the UK it’s very expensive getting things shipped over here for my Derbyshire Magnus 10mm lathe and as the Pultra was made in the UK and has since been taken over by Smart & Brown I ( should ) be able to get parts and accessories easier, anyway I am trying to find out the paint code for the cream because I am going to refurbish it before I sell my Derbyshire.
So if anyone has any suggestions as where I might be able to find the paint code it would be much appreciated.
Thanks Dell
PS I only restore antique clocks ( mainly torsion clocks)
I know what you mean, wet cardboard boxes by the gate.

The radio / cassette player that was in the JCB when I got it was faulty. I've been trying to find a plug compatible one, and thought that I had.

It slides into a sleeve that has the ISO socket and aerial plug fixed in it's interior. I thought I'd found one with identical pin outs so bought it on eBay. It arrived this morning, and it turns out that it had a two bank ISO plug and the aerial was very slightly in a different place - BUT it did come with a short sleeve.

So butchering the ISO socket on my loom by sawing off the third bank, and installing the short sleeve in the console I've been able to adapt it, AND it works.

It even had a Motown CD in it so I could test both the radio AND the CD function :lol:

So that's another item ticked off the list.

I 'topped up' the front axle on Wednesday and had intended to move on to the rear one, however it took 3 litres to top it up (holds 13 litres) so I'd run out off the Castrol Transmax Universal that I'm using that blends with both GL-4 and GL-5 EP oils (front uses GL-5 and rear uses GL-4) so I ordered a further 5 litres.

Got a text to say it had been delivered 23:05 last night, and sure enough there was a soggy cardboard box by the gate soaked in rain. Who the heck delivers at 11 at night !

So that's my job for Saturday I think.
My Oil Boiler man Mike was here today replacing a PRV, so as he's FAR more flexible than I am he kindly cleaned off and topped up the boom lock reservoir.

It was at about 1/3 full so adequate but low, now topped up to full so should be OK for the next 25 years  :clap:

The Water Cooler / Re: Thou shalt have a heat pump.
« Last post by JHovel on November 25, 2021, 05:39:03 AM »
The cost of gas versus electricity varies from country to country. Here in Australia for example, gas is significantly more expensive than electricity for heat pump heating. We even use heat pump hot water services instead if gas....
The Water Cooler / Re: German speaker help please
« Last post by JHovel on November 25, 2021, 05:32:00 AM »
Apparently in Äpfel it is pronounced like the "e" in met.

However in, for example, Mädchen, it is pronounced like the "a" in may. It seems to depend on the word.

Thank you Google  :D

It's exactly the same sound in 'Mädchen' as in 'Äpfel' - 'Ä' or 'ä' are always pronounced the same way.
Unlike English, the German written language is almost entirely phonetic with only few exemptions. Unfortunately, the bloody grammar is shockingly difficult to get right..... unless you grow up there, in which case it becomes innate....
Well Russ it stays the same!

The age hasn't changed, the only thing different is the name! It's a bit like the various car variants that tended to come out ready for new registrations - minor tweak - new name - must have!

I wasn't aware that there was a 'Project 9'  3CX - I was aware of Project 7, Project 8, Project 12 and Project 21 but what happened to the numbers in between ?
Does that increase the value, because it is newer, or decrease because it is 'less vintage'?


Project Logs / Re: Diy optical pickup for guitar -- is it possible?
« Last post by Yarrrrr on November 23, 2021, 06:52:38 PM »
Joined the group for this post!

Hopefully this thread isn’t dead, maybe this can lead to its resurrection.

I got to the point where I have a working prototype that I am dissatisfied with. But with my lack of experience in electronics and the amount of effort I put into trying to improve it which amounted to nothing has me quite discouraged.

More details with pictures and audio examples over here:
Project Logs / Re: Diy optical pickup for guitar -- is it possible?
« Last post by Boop on November 23, 2021, 05:38:01 PM »
Joined the group for this post!

Hopefully this thread isn’t dead, maybe this can lead to its resurrection.

Played with this a little bit some years ago.  Didn’t go much further than hooking up a photo diode and an IR led running into a guitar amp directly, or maybe it was a mixer?  Got output, was very excited, then life “got in the way”. 
But I thought I’d put these here from old Make magazine articles and associated links:
There are more links that I’ll have to find, but this is what I have time to give right now.

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