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Title: DDCSV pendant mod ?
Post by: picclock on March 11, 2019, 10:59:04 AM
I've been thinking about altering the way the pendant jog wheel works. ATM its necessary to set the speed multiplier with a switch to 1x 10x or 100x.

I'm thinking of altering it so that it automatically changes speed multiplier when the pulse rate exceeds a certain value for half a turn. So if you turn very fast you get 100x, a bit slower 10x and slower still 1x.

I would do this with a small arduino chip which would monitor the MPG A pulse rate on the back of the DDCSV. Its minimal power would come from the DDCSV +5V and the other connections are only to the X1,x10,x100 pins.

If there is any interest I will post it here.

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Title: Re: DCSV pendant mod ?
Post by: picclock on March 15, 2019, 10:16:27 AM
Looking into this a bit more, I think i have decided to redesign the pendant as well to make it more useful and user friendly.
Attached is a copy of my first attempt. The axis are selected by illuminated pushbuttons at the top, the speed multilplier leds will illuminate when the preset jog wheel speeds are exceeded, enabling the multipliers. The lower 4 buttons are home (axis selected by upper buttons), run, pause and estop.

At the moment I'm thinking of using two 328 arduinos for the logic work, which seems to indicate I would only need a six way cable, which would be light and cheap. 

Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

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Title: Re: DDCSV pendant mod ?
Post by: Joules on August 12, 2019, 12:27:18 PM
Did you get anywhere with this.  I was just thinking you could use I2C comms between Arduinos, 4 wire + shield/GND from control box.
Title: Re: DDCSV pendant mod ?
Post by: picclock on August 20, 2019, 03:09:52 AM
No - a better option occurred and I took the lazy way out.

I fitted a cheapo hub to the DDCSV so that the usb ports are available from the panel. I then bought a wifi numeric keypad which pretty much does it all - if only I could figure out how to remember which key does what  :doh:. Being wireless there are no cables so it makes it very easy.

FWIW a better option is to use SPI if you go that route as its less prone to interference over long cables.

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