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That looks nice John! Good to see what it actually looks like while you're flowing the metal around.

Nice shots John, its not easy getting decent arc shots, if welding is your thing, and it is mine, this guy Jodie Collier, operates a youtube channel and website called provides really simple, easy to understand instructional vids. No affiliation, just satisfied student....

Jody is the man for welding vids

I have a Harbor Freight TIG welder which I've never used (well I have a couple times as a stick welder, but not as TIG). Kind of intimidated to start I guess. Mine I don't think is good for aluminum. I bought it for stainless welding. I have a bottle of stainless mix gas and regulator even. I Just haven't felt like I know what I'm doing there and have never hooked it all up.

It was good to see your video John because it seems more understandable. It looks a lot like brazing or gas welding, which I am comfortable with.

Do you have any suggestions for starting out? practice on mild steel maybe?


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