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High Speeds in the UK


I thought you guys might be interested in this -- shows locations where R/C dynamic soaring is taking place in the uK

The speeds are up to 340 mph. And these are gliders!

I'd post some video, but for the most part you can't see the planes.

I think the world's record is now about 500 mph.

I've never seen it in real life, but if it were happening nearby I might take a gander...


Hi Steve

Sure looks like your going to need good eyesight to keep up with those guys.

I think the fastest that I saw was 498 for Spencer Lisenby from Bird Springs USA. New Zealand was third at 456. The Australians had a 358 for 6th place and the United Kingdom 334 for 7th place.

It seems there were a lot of variables in equipment from different competiors but the most popular plane was the Kinetic 100 DP or the Kinetic 130 DP.

I expect that they will soon be (if they haven't already) starting another go at long distance and altitude records like Maynerd Hill did when he flew from Newfoundland accross the Atlantic to Ireland none stop with a Radio Controled plane on auto pilot.


Back in the 70/80's I followed him in the RC mags on many of his record attempts. It was amazing some of the things that they did.

Google his name and it will give you lots more info on his records.  :D :D

Cheers  :beer:



I remember Matnard Hill! Though I didn't know he had crossed the Atlantic!

The ones I remember were an altitude record using giant military binoculars, and a distance record while riding in a pickup truck (I think). I stopped R/C in '66, only to pick it up again in 2006.

There had been some changes!  :bugeye:


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