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A loader for the Ford 850 from bits and pieces

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Next step was to position the arms back on the tractor.

Here the right arm is back on it's pivot and the hydraulic cylinder attached. I will do the same for the left arm. This is where I finished for today.

My plan is to cut off the Ford tubes leaving plenty of extra length for the bucket end, and position them with the bucket and hydraulic tilt cylinders here in front of the tractor to make a final decision on length and position. Then prepare the ends and weld them together.

This is definitely a MadModders topic!  :loco: +  :dremel: = :headbang:

Oh boy Steve, you've given yourself a job and a half there!

Are you going to reinforce the tube weld with an internal slip fit tube or just butt them together? Quite a lot of stress on that weld.

Sleeving Andrew, for sure. Ran out of oxy yesterday, and the supplier didn't have an exchange tank today, so can't do any more carnage until tomorrow.

It's been raining for a couple of days now, but just before that I managed to cut apart the Ford Dearborn arms and drag the end and the bucket up to the tractor. So here are the three parts I hope to meld together into one working loader -- if the rain ever stops....

After locating the pins for the bucket today in storage and taking a more careful look at the Ford arms, I realized the bucket pivot bushings in the tubes were shot. They were supposed to be 1" bushings, but they were widened out to 1-3/8" and chipped or broken:


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