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would this brazing wire effectively connect copper to stainless steel?

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Glad you found it as I can't remember which site it was on. But Stupid tube and all it's deviants that are out there. And the editing software that is out there you really do have to be careful with what you believe when you see it.

With that one I believe was done on purpose to scare the people he was showing. As there was another video taken in the same room with an engine sort of running and then the end of the boiler comes off.

Using a high heat forced mixing type burner used for soldering to heat the boiler is the first clue, something will go wrong shortly.

The second is the lack of any escaping vapors or the engine blowing vapor or any water droplets.

It is unbelievable what a lack of understand some people have of basic physical science laws.

From the fact that steam is invisible, what you see is water vapor or condensate. Some very hot condensate none the less.

I for the most part no longer take an active part in the discussions on the steam punks forums due to the lack of uncommon sense and the unwillingness of the younger punk's to understand that what is written in the steam punk Sci Fi novels isn't necessarily. The gospel facts in this real world.

From the making of a steam infusing smoking pipe, so the person can inhale flavored steam form a boiler. But wouldn't understand that the high heat condensate that he referred to as steam would scald his breathing apparatus, and do more damage than smoking a regular ciggy's  :bang: :bang: :doh:

With so many things the internet may bring everything and wondrous things closer. It doesn't mean that it is correct, or with out unspoken dangers. You really have to do due diligence in finding out about it.
As with the operating of machinery, and tools of all kinds the hazards are a silent partner.


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